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              About Us

              Hangzhou Boda purification equipment Co., Ltd., established in early 2002, is a professional manufacturer of PSA nitrogen, oxygen and compressed air purification equipment. Hangzhou Boda purification products are mainly divided into ten series of more than 600 specifications: pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation equipment, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generation equipment, gas purification equipment, membrane separation nitrogen generation equipment, membrane separation oxygen generation equipment, frozen dryer, micro heat regeneration dryer, non heat regeneration dryer, waste heat regeneration dryer, filter, etc. The equipment is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metal, coal mine, medicine, food, electronic industry and other fields.


              Bxn-300 (99.9%) nitrogen generator has been delivered

              Bxn-300 (99.9%) nitrogen generator has been delivered and operated well. It is used in PetroChina, Sinopec, chemical ind...

              Loading and delivery of nitrogen production equipment for 650 m3 oil project

              Loading and delivery of nitrogen production equipment for 650 m3 oil project

              ADH 140 micro thermal regeneration commissioning completed delivery

              Our Hangzhou Boda is specialized in meeting the requirements of customers in the industry. As long as you require, most ...

              Super pipeline field installation case - pharmaceutical industry

              In the pharmaceutical industry, we provide super pipeline on-site installation service. At present, the machine has been...